The world owes you nothing!

The world owes you nothing!

I was reading the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Woman to Woman, one of my favorite series ever. The story I was reading was about a lady who has recently lost her husband and – strangely enough- was between the desire to allow herself to grief as an action of loyalty to her husband and the desire to move on and save the house and the business they built up together. She has Chosen wisely, deciding to overcome her grief and  to go on with her life. In the process she had to overcome her fears. Omitting all the details, this one phrase: The world owes you nothing, you have landed on the playing field of life. the only question is: will you play?

I thought about all the setbacks we allow our minds to create for us. It is our own decision to follow though those thoughts, even if it was- many times-  an unconscious one. But what is the price we are paying for following those discouraging thoughts?! A life with limited choices and a boring routine and eventually a lifeless life!  In the process of trying new possibilities, I realized how much we can limit our lives and ourselves by shrinking our options , while life itself is a gift full of possibilities , new fields, new colors, continuous expansion and much more, if you decided  to cropped-i-am-inspired-woman1-4.jpgallow yourself to experience all that!

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Im a Family Physician by profession. Im interested in reading and writing stories. Painting is a favorite of mine
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